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Codes-Target Digital Development Agency providing incredible web development services all over the world. We being a result-driven agency caters our solutions to all industries whether it be Travel or Real Estate. Codes-target clearly understands today’s web development needs and so far have assisted a number of businesses in building responsive and easy to use websites with commendable online shopping cart solutions.

Why choose us as your eCommerce development?

  • Get the most efficiently customized user-friendly website.
  • We use strategies to make your online site look attractive on all screen resolutions.
  • E-Commerce cart development will provide you with hassle-free selling of products.
  • Assured effective delivery of Plugin and module development services.
  • We provide services for secure and authorized transactions and payment gateways.
  • Our objective is to maximize your revenue of online sales.
  • Shopping Cart services are also provided to achieve optimum results.
  • We are available for you 24*7 for support incase of any technical issues.
  • Keeping technical glitches away and maintenance of your website is our aim.

Important factors in building an E-Commerce website

Features of our E-Commerce Listing

Features of our
E-Commerce Listing

Inventory Management System

A good inventory system is very essential for the success of your business. There are many woes which come across from organisation of products to viewing of insights. This has to be dealt so it makes your life easier and happier. We help you to stay organized by setting up products & its variations, assigning barcodes, tracking stock counts which avoid costly errors and track all inventory activity.

Loyalty/Reward-Based Schemes

Always selling to your recurring customers is much easier than attracting new ones. So, for them to come back and buy from you again, you need a predictable and repeatable strategy. There are many benefits of implementing loyalty schemes, they would give you, of course, increase your revenue & sales, save money, make the customer feel appreciated and increase the data bank.

Integrated Shipping & Zone-Wise Taxation

All shopping portals do require integration of shipping and taxation. But, due to many zones and shipping agencies in the world, this becomes complicated. We provide you with an inbuilt framework where you can have free, flat, conditional or even zonal shipping with any delivery agency easily. Even, you can implement all tax rates based on your category or your area without any hassle.

Email/SMS Alerts

We all know that effective communication is crucial for every business. A business which commutes effectively always has an edge over its competitors. Moreover having an edge requires a purpose why they are sent? Proper emails or SMS that are sent across to build relationships with your customer always have an edge. These notifications help to build a loyal audience, communicate faster, reduces cart abandonment and is cost-effective too.

Tempting Portal & SEO Friendly Design
We need marketing and a good solid, tempting website which can yield business. So, what makes a website tempting? Simple, it should be so interactive, SEO friendly and responsive on all devices that a customer has no hesitation or hurdle in moving from one page to another. Now as a website is tempting, there is user stays longer than expected and have a higher chance of a conversion.
Business Analytics and Reporting

Believe it or not, many business owners fly by the seat of their pants trying random tactic after random tactic until something works. The main purpose of all shopping portals is to get sales and these are not easy to get. But, you know data is the only thing which can make or break your game. We provide you with certain tools which helps you to play with data in order to make more sales, revenue and have more customers.

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Let’s Codestarget Success For
Your Business!

Let’s Codestarget Success For Your Business!

    Let’s Codestarget Success For
    Your Business!

    Let’s Codestarget Success For Your Business!